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LUX 75

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LUX 75 is the new swing system for windows and doors which, thanks to its versatile design, adapts to all housing needs, from the historic center to the most modern living areas.

High Energy Saving, at the basis of this new system, allows you to make your habitat comfortable thanks to the excellent thermal and acoustic insulation performance, which leads to greater energy savings.

With LUX 75 aluminum windows, the elegance of the design is combined with the high level of energy savings.

LUX 75 integrated systems for swing windows, doors and French doors stand out for their structural excellence and high level of technology, characteristics to which aesthetics and luminosity are added during installation.

These are aluminum solutions that guarantee maximum comfort thanks to perfect mechanics and the predisposition for home automation, combined with guaranteed energy savings and high levels of burglar-proof security for private homes and public buildings.

LUX 75 aluminum windows, doors and French windows match perfectly with curtain wall systems and are applicable to all housing and architectural needs.

The original accessories complete the casement windows, as well as the unlimited surface finishes.

Technical profile

Basic system dimensions:
Fixed frame: 75mm
Mobile frame: 85mm
Air-water-wind tightness: open joint
Glass thickness: from 28 to 50 mm

  • Water tightness
    The LUX 75 window, with a wind pressure equal to a speed of 111.54 Km/h (600Pa) had no water infiltrations.
  • Air permeability
    The LUX 75 window, with a wind pressure equal to a speed of 111.54 Km/h (600Pa) passed the test positively.
  • Wind resistance
    with a pressure equal to a speed of 203 Km/h (2000Pa) has not suffered breakages or permanent deformations.
  • Soundproofing power
    is able to reduce airborne noise from outside up to 49 dB.
  • Thermal transmittance
    The LUX 75 window complies with the regulations on energy saving.
  • Break-in resistance
    effectively resists attempts of internal intrusion.
  • Driving forces
    allows great ease of opening with minimal effort.
  • Mechanical resistance
    LUX 75 window resists the loads applied without twisting, permanent deformation or breakage.
  • Resistance to opening and closing cycles
    LUX 75 effectively resists opening and closing cycles over time (10,000 openings for windows and 10,000 openings for doors.
  • Impact resistance
    is effectively resistant to shocks.

Minimum aluminum,
maximum light

Light and transparency: the guidelines of modern design take on characteristics that are increasingly oriented towards making the environmental divisions between inside and outside fluid.

The integrated systems of the LUX 75 Minimal line guarantee maximum brightness with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation performance. These are aluminum frames characterized by minimum thicknesses. The entire system tends to disappear on large dimensions, making it possible to recover an important percentage of filtering light, especially if mounted on small openings.

The most essential products manage to condense thicknesses into just 35 mm. The range allows you to choose between single or double leaf casement windows, tilt and turn windows, transom windows, single or double leaf French windows, but also doors
sliding doors, curtain walls and balconies.

Why choose the LUX 75

Essential and Bright

Compact geometries that allow you to recover brightness in the spaces. The technology reaches its maximum levels and condenses down to just 63 mm thick. Beauty translates into design and is completed with concealed accessories and minimal handles.

Thermal and acoustic insulation

With HES (High Energy Saving) technology, thermal insulation is at the highest performance levels. The reduction of energy costs in heating and cooling is ensured, as well as the living comfort made even higher by the perfect acoustic insulation.

Long lasting

Mechanical resistance, stability, sturdiness and maintenance reduced to a minimum. Numerous qualities and extraordinary advantages in a single material capable of lasting forever.

High security

Guaranteed security with RC2 and RC3 class anti-burglary systems. a perimeter locking system up to 16 points (anti-theft predisposition) capable of resisting burglars and ill-intentioned.


An eco-sustainable product

Aluminum is a sustainable choice for buildings: it has high durability, low maintenance and can be recycled 100% and indefinitely, without losing its properties. Metra’s attention to reducing the environmental impact concerns the entire aluminum value chain, thanks to the high content of recycled material in the profiles and the absence of VOCs, which is reflected in the environmental certifications (EPD) obtained on the products.

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